Wonder Woman Baby Onesie

Wonder Woman Onesie

by DC Comics

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To your unsuspecting friends and neighbours, your infant may appear to be a perfectly ordinary former United Nations translator and NASA astronaut who is now an army officer with the rank of major in Army Intelligence. But they, of course, are dumbos from the World of Men and don't know any better. To you, however, she is none other than Princess Diana of Themyscira, otherwise known as Wonder Woman! Far from being ordinary, she is in fact an immortal Amazon warrior gifted with not just beauty and brains but also superhuman strength, incredibly agility, and magical weaponry with which she battles wickedness and criminality wherever it shows its face in the Nursery!

For such an infant, surely there is only one fitting onesie: the Wonder Woman Onesie!

From its evil-doer-destroyer red color to its classic Wonder Woman "Double-W" emblem on the front, the Wonder Woman Baby Onesie is the clothing of choice for the most famous super heroine of all time. What's more, thanks to its three sturdy crotch snaps, fitting and changing the Wonder Woman Onesie is a "snap" - even when your infant is intent on transforming herself into her super-persona by spinning her body at ridiculous speed. They'll also make sure that the Wonder Woman Onesie stays trimly and fashionably in place no matter how much your infant needs to exert herself in the tiresome daily Nursery business of capturing villains with her Lasso of Truth, racing at super speed with her Sandals of Hermes, or deflecting bullets with her Bracelets of Victory!

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