Tigger Baby Onesie

Tigger Onesie

by Disney

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Some infants are placid; some infants are docile; some infants are shy and retiring; and some infants are quiet and unassuming. Your infant, on the other hand, is loaded with vim and vigor. In fact, it wouldn’t be going too far to say that your infant’s top appears to be made out of rubber, and that your infant’s bottom gives every indication of having been made out springs. In short, your infant is bouncy – not to mention trouncy, flouncy, and even pouncy! Your infant, in addition, is jumpy, and bumpy, and clumpy, and thumpy, and fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! And it goes without saying, of course, your infant is also cuddly and awfully sweet. So, having identified all of these admirable qualities, what kind of most wonderful onesie could possibly be best suited to your infant’s personality?

But, of course, there can be only one...the Tigger Baby Onesie!!

With its orange, yellow, and black tiger stripe design, and matching orange hat with orange and yellow ears, the wonderful thing about the Tigger Baby Outfit is that it not only provides your infant with the reckless confidence to do what tiggers do best (that is to say, bounce), but it also ensures that, as Tigger himself asserts, your infant never gets lost. What’s more, and as a result of the Tigger Baby Onesie’s 3 sturdy crotch snaps, fitting and changing is as easy as climbing half way up a tree only then to discover that you're unable to climb back down again – even when your infant is showing the effects of having ingested a not entirely agreeable mixed diet of honey, acorn, and thistles! Plus, no matter whether your infant is bouncing with exuberant gusto or leaping energetically onto your lap, they’ll make sure that the Tigger Baby Onesie remains snugly and unbouncingly in place.

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