The Walking Dead Baby Onesie

The Walking Dead Onesie

by Print Wear Clothing

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All your friends and neighbors think it's cute that your infant is taking a nap and sleeping peacefully without a care in the world. You , however, know different. You know that your infant is going to wake up only to discover that the Nursery has been overrun by a killer zombie apocalypse! As luck would have it, though, your infant is a smart, tough and resourceful deputy sheriff - although, it has to be said, not smart enough to avoid hitting the middle of downtown Nursery Atlanta during the height of zombie rush hour! However, thanks to an unerring ability to shoot zombies in the head with handguns, and an apparently infinite supply of ammunition, your infant will win through and meet up with the other major supporting character survivors - most of whom will prove to be surprisingly short-lived!

For such an infant, and for such a predicament, what onesie should you choose? The Walking Dead Baby Onesie, of course!

Designed in black and featuring the distressed logo, "Little Ass Kicker", The Walking Dead Onesie is the only appropriate survival wear that will provide you infant with that vital edge so necessary to staying one step ahead of the zombie, or "Walker", menace (though, to be strictly fair, "Walker" is a bit of an overstatement; Extremely Slow Shuffler might be nearer the mark). Plus, thanks to The Walking Dead Onesie's 3 sturdy and zombie plague resistant crotch snaps, fitting and changing The Walking Dead Onesie is as simple as outrunning (or just out-briskly walking) an extremely slow shuffling zombie. What's more, they'll ensure that The Walking Dead Onesie stays safely and soundly in place regardless of how often or how violently your infant is compelled either to dispatch undead, flesh-eating monsters or to do battle with the clearly deranged Governor.

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