The Simpsons Baby Onesie

The Simpsons Onesie

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Many parents often make the mistake of assuming that the nursery is simply a warm, cozy, and safe environment in which their infant can sleep and play. This is, of course, a grossly simplistic adult view of things. Infants have a far more sophisticated world view - and your infant more than most! To your infant, the Nursery is a compete self-contained universe of social satire and pop culture. It enables a highbrow and lowbrow mix of comedy with an exploration of any number of issues facing modern society, ranging from the environment to education, from politics to religion to the entertainment industry. All this and donuts, too!

So, with all this Nursery cartoon profundity to contemplate, what onesie would your infant choose to wear? The Simpsons Baby Onesie, of course! D'oh! The Simpsons Onesie is designed to celebrate a cartoon show that has become for millions of Nursery viewers an institution, and that has included among its visiting cast such diverse figures as Lady Gaga, Jesus Christ, William Shakespeare, Kim Bassinger, Genghis Khan, Elton John, and the Queen of England!

Plus, thanks to its 3 sturdy and built in Springfield (possibly) crotch snaps, the craptacular task of changing and fitting the Simpson Onesie is as simple as smacking yourself on the forehead, and will never have you saying, "Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try." What's more, they'll ensure that no matter how many pertinent social or contemporary issues your infant is called upon to cast a satirically cartoonish eye over, or however controversial your infant needs to be, the Simpsons Onesie will remain pertinently in position and both comfortably and snugly in place - and will never have your infant wanting to eat his or her shorts! Woo Hoo!

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