The Flash Baby Onesie

The Flash Onesie

by DC Comics

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Being parents to the fastest infant alive who is able to run (oh, all right, crawl) close to the speed of light, possesses superhuman reflexes, stamina and endurance, to say nothing of being capable of vibrating so fast as to pass through solid walls via "quantum tunnelling," can have its drawbacks. For one thing, it's not easy to keep up. For another, how can you keep an eye on something that is moving too fast for the human eye to see? 

The answer is...The Flash Baby Onesie!

Thanks to its distinctive bright red color and the yellow lightning flash logo front and center on the chest, The Flash Onesie ensures that even when your little Crimson Comet is streaking through the Nursery at full speed, a curious thin red line of light is left in the air behind thereby allowing you more conveniently to follow your infant's progress. The three sturdy crotch snaps, moreover, make fitting and changing lightning fast and super-speed easy. What's more, like all Flash clothing, The Flash Onesie is (probably) made from Speed Force, an extra-dimensional energy that creates (possibly) an invisible aura around your infant and negates the effects of air friction from damaging either the infant's body or clothing while moving at such incredible speeds.

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