Family Guy Stewie Onesie

Stewie Onesie

by Family Guy

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Being a family guy type of parent to a young infant can, occasionally be difficult. But, as any self-respecting child psychologist will tell you, your infant can suffer serious psychological scarring if you deny or otherwise in any way prevent him or her from finding an emotional outlet to express his or her own entirely normal, healthy and natural wants, needs and desires - even when these center around matricide and world domination!

If, therefore, like Stewie from Family Guy, your own adorable offspring is a well-spoken, laser gun toting infant whom your wife describes as an "evil Rex Harrison", and, as a result of having been imprisoned for nine months inside her "ovarian Bastille", is obsessed with constantly planning and plotting her destruction, then there is only one onesie that will do...the Family Guy Stewie Onesie!

Designed in yellow, and with an image of Stewie on the front demanding pancakes, the Family Guy Stewie Baby Onesie will free your infant not only to express his or her emotions, it will also allow your infant to get more closely in touch with his or her natural mastery of mechanical engineering, diabolical physics, and advanced weapons training in order to perpetrate any number of amusingly adult criminal acts. What's more, the Family Guy Stewie Onesie's three sturdy crotch snaps make fitting and changing as easy as telling the family pet dog a knock knock joke - even when your infant comes bearing a gift ("I'll give you a hint: it's in my diaper, and it's not a toaster!"). Plus, they will ensure that the Family Guy Stewie Onesie stays outrageously secure and in place regardless of whether your infant get's taken into foster care because big sister took a job at Flappy Jack's House of Pancakes in order to raise money to buy a Prada purse and tells everybody that your infant is a crack addict baby.

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