Star Trek Uniform Onesie

Star Trek Uniform Onesie

by Trevco

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Dress code can be a terrifying thing, as all parents know. How many of us have turned up at a party in T-shirt and shorts only to find that everyone else is wearing black tie and long dresses? Either that or we’ve turned up at a party to find we’re the only person not wearing fancy dress; or, worse still, we’re the only person who IS wearing fancy dress! Well, if you think that’s tough you should spare a thought for your infant. Have you any idea how your Star Fleet infant feels, having just beamed down from the Nursery Starship Enterprise onto some desolate planet that looks remarkably like a Californian gravel pit with the addition of a couple of polystyrene boulders, suddenly to notice that the rest of the Star Fleet landing party aren’t just long-term cast members who get their names in the opening credits – they’re all wearing uniform shirts that are light blue! And your infant’s shirt is red! 

So, give your infant a break…with the Star Trek Uniform Onesies! 

Available in blue, green, red, or yellow, and featuring the Star Fleet crest, the Star Trek Uniform Onesies allow your infant at least an even break of blending in with the expensive actors and not becoming mere extras who might provide cannon to the dastardly designs of sundry Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, or what have you. What’s more, thanks to their 3 sturdy crotch snaps, the Star Trek Uniform Onesies make fitting and changing as easy as saying, “Beam me up Scotty” – even when your force field is down and your infant’s dilithium crystals can no longer stand the pressure, and he or she is busy launching photon torpedoes! Plus, no matter how often your infant is required to change his or her phaser setting from “Stun” to “Wardrobe”, they’ll ensure that the Star Trek Uniform Onesie stays snugly and uniformly secure and in place.

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