Robin Onesie

by DC Comics

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Infancy is, of course, a wonderful time – a time of innocence, of freedom from worry, of simply existing. However, sad though it is to say, as parents we know that one day our carefree infant will have to grow up, leave the nest, and seek gainful employment in the world outside. And it is our duty as parents to prepare our infant for that harsh and unpleasant reality. Particularly because the employment landscape, the global economy, and the idea of job security have all changed since we were young. 

All of which is why you need to buy your infant the Robin Baby Onesie! 

That’s because, when it comes to providing your infant with subliminal career advice, there are few onesies as educational. Your infant might think that landing the job of being one half of the Dynamic Duo and faithful sidekick to the Caped Crusader seems like a pretty cool gig; but it’s not entirely without its downsides. Sure, he or she will get to hang with the Dark Knight and live in Wayne Manor, but here’s the problem: number one, the hours are terrible; and, number two, the job security sucks! Batman has gone through at least 5 different Robins! The role of Boy Wonder has about as much job security as a drummer with Spinal Tap! The good news, though, is that because of its 3 sturdy crotch snaps changing and fitting the Robin Onesie is as easy as punching a gloved fist into the palm of your hand and exclaiming, “Holy fold-down changing table, Batman!” Plus, no matter how often your infant is required to exemplify the junior half of a bromance as famous as Holmes and Watson, Butch and Sundance, or Harold and Kumar, they’ll ensure that the Robin Onesie stays comfortably in place, and never needs to be worn over a pair of miniscule green Speedos!

Robin Baby Onesie