Power Rangers Baby Onesie

Power Rangers Onesie

by Mighty Fine

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Perhaps you, like many adults complain about being stuck in a job that is repetitive, monotonous, and essentially without any ultimate meaning or purpose. If so, you don’t know how lucky you’ve got it! If you want to know the real meaning of repetitive and ultimately meaningless work, just stick your head in the Nursery and ask your infant. Day after day after day, he or she has to face the same old grind – without change or hope of change. Day in, day out some evil space-dwelling witch, or warlord, or demon, or machine, or mutant beams down an increasingly preposterous monster in order to threaten the Nursery. And, day in, day out, your infant is compelled to transform his or herself into a color-coded, helmeted, spandex-wearing martial arts hero in order (a) to battle the said monster in unarmed combat; (b) when the unarmed combat thing only partially works, to battle and defeat said monster by utilizing some sort of specialist and highly esoteric weapon; before (c) said monster is regenerated into gigantic size thereby obliging your infant to jump into either a Zord or a Mega-Zord in order ultimately to triumph.

So the very least you can do is make sure that your infant is properly dressed with the Power Rangers Baby Onesie! 

If your infant is going to be expected to keep the Nursery safe from the ravishes of such vile villains as Rita Repulsa, Lord Zed, and Finster – to say nothing of their misshapen monsters such as Terror Toad, Chunk Chicken, Babe Ruthless, Jellyfish Warrior, Pursehead, or Pumpkin Rapper – then the Power Rangers Onesie is exactly what he or she needs! What’s more, its 3 sturdy and mighty morphin crotch snaps will make changing and fitting the Power Rangers Onesie as easy as striking a stylized (but not particularly believable) martial arts pose. Plus, regardless of how many preposterous monsters you infant has to overcome, they’ll keep the Power Rangers Onesie snugly in position.

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