Popeye Baby Onesie

Popeye Onesie

by Popeye

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On the face of it, your infant, like any other infant, would not appear to be much of a match for a massively muscled, heavily bearded, and towering bully like Bluto. Certainly, in the event of a stand up fight between the two of them, most bookmakers would take one look at Bluto's brawn and brute strength before instantly handing your infant both the short straw and the long odds. But, as you are well aware, your infant is not like any other infant, and the bookmakers would be making the mistake of a lifetime. All your infant needs is a quick can of spinach, and Bluto is toast!

For your infant, therefore, there is a "poifect" onesie...the Popeye Onesie!

The Popeye Onesie features an image of the Sailor Man as an infant (or, as he would say, and "infink") together with the famous line from Popeye's theme song,: "Strong to the Finish!" What's more, thanks to the Popeye Onesie, your infant will be muttering, "That's all I can stands, cuz I can't stands no more" before instantly overcoming even the strongest opponent. That's because the dark spinach green colored fabric of the Popeye Onesie is actually (maybe) impregnated with a secret spinach-power ingredient! In addition, the three sturdy crotch snaps make fitting and changing quicker than a toot on a corn cob pipe, and will never leave you wondering , "Where's the entrance to the exit?" And, of course, they'll keep the Popeye Onesie ship-shape and snugly in place even when your infant is upper-cutting opponents all the way to the moon, or pulling the sides of the Grand Canyon together with a rope.

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