Pikachu Baby Onesie

Pikachu Onesie

by Pokemon

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On first catching sight of your gently sleeping infant, your friends and neighbors naturally remark on how sweet and adorable he or she looks when in dreamlike repose. That is, of course, because your friends and neighbors are ignorant. Specifically, what they are ignorant of is the fact that your apparently peacefully slumbering infant is actually busy becoming electrically charged. And, if that were not shocking enough, your somnolent infant is storing all that variable voltage inside those two red, circle shaped little pouches on his or her cheeks. The reason your friends and neighbors are ignorant of all this is because they fail to understand that the world of the Pokemon Nursery is one of permanent training and constant combat; they fail to see that your infant – though in outward appearance so small, incredibly cute, and chubby mouse-like – is in fact capable of zapping and paralyzing anything in its path with a powerful jolt of electricity such a Thunder Shock, or a Thunder Punch, or a Thunderbolt. 

All of which begs a vital and important question: for an infant such as yours, what kind of onesie are you going to select? Like a bolt of lightning the answer comes … the Pikachu Baby Onesie! Designed in Pikachu yellow, the Pikachu Onesie features, on the front, the iconic electric mouse monster’s smiling face, expressive eyes, and electricity storing cheek pouches. Meanwhile, on the reverse side, the Pikachu Onesie displays the electric type Pokemon’s famous lightning bolt shaped tail. Watts more, thanks to the Pikachu Onesie’s 3 sturdy and surge resistant crotch snaps, the otherwise degenerating process changing and fitting becomes as snappy and sparky as delivering a Volt Tackle to a Pokemon opponent. Plus, they’ll always make sure that the Pikachu Onesie stays comfortably, snugly, and statically in place until your little Picachu infant evolves into a rambunctious Raichu.

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