Ninja Baby Onesie

Ninja Onesie

by Tee Tee Monster

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To you, fond and doting parent that you are, your infant’s nursery is a safe, secure, and special place – a room in your house where your infant can play, rest, and sleep without fear or anxiety or concern. That, after all, is how you designed it. But where you see a cozy cot, a fluffy floor rug, a reassuring nightlight, and cheerfully comforting wall decorations, your infant sees something entirely different. That’s because, to your infant, the Nursery is, in fact, a huge Japanese fortress constructed, furnished, and decorated in accordance with the fashion of the Sengoku period from the 15th to 17th centuries; a huge fortress which your infant must first carefully infiltrate, and then through which your infant must negotiate his or her secret, silent, and deadly way while waging clandestine espionage, covert sabotage, and coldly calculated assassination. Fortunately, however, you need not worry – your infant is highly trained in the martial arts school of Ninjutsu, and is lethally proficient in speed, stealth, and sword play.

That is why your infant demands the Japanese dress code befitting a Nursery ninja warrior … the Ninja Baby Onesie!

Designed in ninja black, and featuring the characteristic ninja red sash complete with a deadly shuriken or throwing star tucked into it, the Ninja Onesie is the onesie of choice for any mercenary infant intent on surviving the intrigues, treachery, and dangers of life in feudal Nursery Japan. And, if that were not enough, the Ninja Onesie comes additionally armed and supplied with 3 sturdy crotch snaps that render the martial art of changing and fitting as quick and easy as eliminating your enemy with a single blow from your trusty katana – even when your ninja infant is setting off soft case bombs containing poison gas! And, no matter how many grunts or high pitch yells your infant is required to let loose, they’ll always ensure that the Ninja Onesie stays heroically comfy and snug.

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