Hulkamaniac Baby Onesie

Hulk Hogan Onesie

by WWE

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Training, saying prayers, taking vitamins, and believing in oneself are, of course, unremarkable enough traits in an average infant. However, being the responsible and loving parent that you are, you have noticed that your infant does more than these simple "demandments". Specifically, with the least provocation, your infant spontaneously grows a white horseshoe or "biker" moustache, and dramatically rips his or her shirt in half.

For you infant, therefore, there can be only one onesie...the Hulk Hogan Baby Onesie!

Inspired by the man who made wrestling famous, the Hulk Hogan Onesie is designed in Hulkster red and yellow, bears the slogan, "Little Hulkamaniac", and instantly identifies your infant as fearing no man, no beast or evil (brother), as well as being part of the strongest force in the universe. More importantly, whenever you infant appears to be on the verge of defeat in the Nursery wrestling ring, the Hulk Hogan Onesie will miraculously channel and feed off the energy that Hulkamania creates. As a result, your infant will suddenly get a second wind, the opportunity to Hulk Up, and the ability to wag a scolding finger at any hitherto dominant opponent.

What's more, the three sturdy crotch snaps make fitting and changing as easy as delivering three straight punches to a wrestling adversary and throwing him against the ropes. And, for additional comfort and convenience, they will ensure that the Hulk Hogan Onesie stays primly and demurely in place even when your infant whips around to deliver a big boot to the face before administering, by way of a grand finale to ensure victory, an atomic leg drop.

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