The Legen... Wait For It... Dary Baby Onesie

How I Met Your Mother Onesie

by ShirtCity

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For most infants, indeed for most parents, the best bedtime stories are simple. And short. They involve neither complicated prose nor confusing plot structures. They certainly don't contain advanced grammatical flourishes or rhetorical tropes! Your infant, however, is different. In fact, even as you are reading this, your infant is mentally constructing a bedtime story of his or her own. This story, however, is not short. It's long. So long that it will eventually take 9 years and 208 bedtime episodes to tell. And it's not simple. Its story-line is involved, and involves elaborate time-lapse narrative techniques. This story your infant is constructing is a comedic epic: an epic that your infant will entitle, "How I Met Your Onesie."

For your chronicling infant raconteur, therefore, there can be only one true-love onesie...the How I Met Your Mother Baby Onesie! Designed in dark blue and bearing Barney Stinson's famous catchphrase, "It's going to be legen... wait for it... dary,". What's more, thanks to the How I Met Your Mother Onesie's 3 sturdy crotch snaps, fitting and changing is as easy as stealing a blue French horn! Plus, they'll ensure that, no matter how many break-ups and make-ups your infant is obliged to endure, the How I Met Your Mother Onesie will stay snugly and securely in place.

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