He-Man Baby Onesie

He-Man Onesie

by Tee Tee Monster

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To many people, such as your architect and property tax assessor, the room that is currently your infant son’s nursery is simply another room in your house. To your infant, however, it is his castle and his world – a world over which he rules as Crown Prince. But being the Crown Prince of just about anywhere, let alone the Nursery land of Eternia, is pretty much a 24/7 job – and that is especially the case when it’s under constant threat from the dastardly schemes of the evil Skeletor! However, as luck would have it, your infant has a magic (plastic) sword that, with just a few well-chosen gurgles about the Power of Grayskull, can transform him from a weak and helpless infant into a mighty barbarian and muscle-bound warrior. And, by way of a bonus, it may well work the same trick on your pet household moggy.

All of which is why, for your regal Crown Prince infant, there can be no other choice of onesie than … the He-Man Baby Onesie!

Designed in yellow, and emblazoned with crossed chest braces and belt contoured to fit your infant’s rippling torso, the He-Man Baby Onesie will allow your infant not just to ride into mortal Nursery combat astride his (possibly somewhat reluctant) Battle Moggy, but to summon to his aide the likes of Infant Man At Arms, Infant Ram Man, Infant Teela, Infant Man E Faces, and the entire Eternia Nursery land gang. What’s more, and thanks to its 3 sturdy crotch snaps, when it comes to fitting and changing the He-Man Baby Onesie, your infant won’t be the only one raising an arm triumphantly aloft and bellowing, “I have the Power!!” Plus, no matter how often your infant is called upon to best the malevolent machinations of the bone-headed Skeletor, they’ll ensure that the He-Man Baby Onesie always stays not only masterfully snug but also universally comfortable.

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