Grouch Baby Onesie

Grouch Onesie

by Sesame Street

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The interiors of most nurseries are similar enough: a safe and welcoming crib, soft furnishings, a gentle rug, plush toys, perhaps a few snuggly cushions, maybe a mobile or two, and restful, pastel, comforting décor on the walls. Nothing unusual there. Unless, that is, you take a peek into your infant’s nursery … the way your infant sees it. That’s because, to your infant, the Nursery contains none of these infantile humdrum items. To your infant, the Nursery is one giant trash can. A giant trash can, moreover, that boasts such astonishing amenities as an ice-rink, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, a spiral staircase, a piano, and even a farm. And that’s not counting the fact that it is also home to Fluffy, your infant’s pet elephant; Slimey, your infant’s pet worm; your infant’s entire collection of shoes; and a dimensional gateway to your infant’s hometown, Grouchland USA. Oh, and it also contains an enormous amount of trash – pretty much the one and only thing that your otherwise encyclopedically misanthropic infant actually likes and enjoys.

In circumstances like these, therefore, when what you fondly imagine to have been a perfectly ordinary, unremarkable, and hygienic nursery turns out to be, in actuality, an enormous trash can; and what you imagined to have been a perfectly ordinary and unremarkable infant turns out, in fact, to be a furry, green, and bug eyed grouch, what onesie do you choose? The Grouch Baby Onesie, of course!

Designed in grouchy green, and featuring on the chest Oscar the Grouch’s distinctive mouth, heart shaped tongue, and slightly manic and bushy eyebrow lidded eyes, the Grouch Onesie is the distinctive designer fashion for any dumpster diving debonair fashionista. What’s more, it’s 3 sturdy and totally un-trashy crotch snaps will make fitting and changing as trouble free as taking out the trash. Plus, no matter how much trash your Muppet infant loves, they’ll ensure that the Grouch Onesie stays snugly in place.

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