Ghostbusters Baby Onesie

Ghostbusters Onesie

by Fabric Flavours

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The private sector Nursery workplace can be a challenging environment for an infant; especially if your infant is an unemployed eccentric parapsychologist. However, as your entrepreneurial infant is only too aware, every challenge is an opportunity - especially when the challenge at hand is a sudden outbreak of paranormal scary ghost activity throughout the fashionable (but slightly creepy) nursery high rise apartment block!

In circumstances such as these when there's something weird and it don't look good, your infant knows there's only one course of action: open up for business in a disused firehouse located in a rough part of the Nursery, and reach for...the Ghostbusters Baby Onesie!

Whether tackling library ghosts, capturing Slimers, or facing up to the unspeakable terror of a giant Stay Puft the Marshmallow Man, the Ghostbusters Onesie will keep your infant remaining snug and secure - even while wearing an unlicensed nuclear accelerator proton pack on his or her back. Designed in charcoal grey with dark red facings, the Ghostbusters Onesie proudly features the famous Ghostbusters "No Ghost" logo together with the defiant words from the theme song, "I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost!" The three sturdy and totally ghost-proof snaps mean that fitting and changing is as easy as capturing a gluttonous ghost with a foot-operated ghost trap. Plus, they'll ensure that the Ghostbusters Onesie stays neatly in place no matter how strenuous your infant's anti-ecto activity needs to be.

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