Friends How You Doin Onesie

Friends Onesie

by CafePress

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Taking a wonder down to Central Perk Nursery for a coffee? We have the perfect onesie for you! The Friends Baby Onesie, of course! Designed to capture the essence of the hit TV comedy series, the Friends Onesie says a great big "How you doin" to the show that ran for 10 years and 236 episodes. What's more, the Friends Onesie is The One with the 3 Sturdy Crotch Snaps, thanks to which fitting and changing is as easy as banging your fists together to denote anger - even when you really want to say, "Oh I wish I could, but I don't want to," or feel you ought to be singing "Smelly Cat!". In addition, they'll make sure that the Friends Onesie stays neatly in place and comfortably in position no matter how many times your infant is required to yell, "Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!" to get that onesie as comfortable as possible.

Do not be alarmed if, while your infant is wearing the Friends Onesie, you catch sight of an ugly naked guy across the street. This is normal.

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