Elmo Baby Onesie

Elmo Onesie

by Tee Tee Monster

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Many parents, quite naturally enough, tend to think that their infants are unique, unparalleled, one of a kind. However, and totally understandable as this may, sometimes a little realty check is called for; a reality check that might reveal certain important similarities with other infants. For instance, is your infant very young? Check. Is your infant cheerful, friendly, enthusiastic, positive, and optimistic? Yup. Does your infant have a high pitched, almost falsetto voice? Uh huh. Does your infant love being tickled? You bet. Does your infant have a highly contagious giggle? Most certainly. Does your infant always want to be a part of whatever is going on? Of course. Does your infant understand the meaning of big words, or know how to pronounce them? Of course not. Does your infant, like most preschoolers, seldom have the knowledge or skills to do what he or she actually wants to do? Absolutely. 

Fair enough, your infant probably isn’t furry, bright red, or loves to eat wasabi, but, aside from those minor trifles, it’s obvious that your infant is going to go doppelganger crazy for … the Elmo Baby Onesie! 

Designed in Bright Elmo red, and with the smiling face of Sesame Street’s most loveable and happy go lucky preschooler cheerfully emblazoned across the chest, the Elmo Baby Onesie will immediately allow your infant to self indentify with the endlessly curious, yet wonderfully clueless, diminutive muppet monster. What’s more, and thanks to the Elmo Baby Onesie’s 3 sturdy crotch snaps, just like Elmo himself, you’ll never find yourself becoming frustrated or angry when the time comes for changing and fitting – even when your infant is refusing to use any pronouns, and stubbornly insists on referring to him or herself in the third person. And, in addition, no matter how many endlessly new things, new experiences, or new situations your infant confronts or becomes involved with, they’ll ensure that the Elmo Baby Onesie always remains comfortingly cozy, and securely snug and in place.

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