Dragon Ball Z Baby Onesie

Dragon Ball Z Onesie

by Tee Tee Monster

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Most parents, probably you included, tend to regard their infant’s nursery as a three dimensional space, and furnished with tangible, realistic, and completely un-stylized objects – such as cots, and comforters, and night lights, and plush toys. This is, of course, perfectly understandable since that is the way that adults – and especially adult parents – see the world. But that is not how your infant sees the world. That’s because your infant knows the Nursery is, in fact, a highly stylized battle ground, an anime universe, and at times an insanely complicated world of humanoid aliens, androids, time travelers, and virtually extinct, blood thirsty, and occasionally amnesiac Saiyan extraterrestrials in which infant heroes must team up to defeat evil, fight epic manga-themed battles, and be prepared, if necessary on more than one occasion, to sacrifice their own lives in the process (parents: don’t worry overmuch about this bit; they simply pop over to the afterlife, get retrained, and are – as far as you’re concerned – pretty much instantly revived and sent back to carry on as if nothing particularly untoward had ever happened). 

All of which explains why your infant needs, requires, and demands to wear … the Dragon Ball Z Baby Onesies!

Available in a variety of different versions each designed, regardless of whichever protagonist with whom your infant most closely identifies, the Dragon Ball Z Onesies are designed to ensure that your infant will not only survive, but also use his or her martial arts skills to fly and even read minds in order to triumph in his or her Nursery battles against Raditz and his rascally schemes to dominate the Infant Earth. And, to make matters even better, the Dragon Ball Z Onesies are all specially equipped with 3 sturdy (un-stylized, and definitely 3 dimensional) crotch snaps that make fitting and changing quick and easy – even when your infant is throwing energy blasts! Plus they’ll make sure the Drago Ball Z Onesie stays comfortably in place.

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