Donald Duck Baby Onesie

Donald Duck Onesie

by Disney

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Your infant, of course, has the sweetest disposition, never starts an argument, never shows temperament, is never wrong but always right, and wouldn’t dream of starting a fight. Yeah, right! Or, to be more precise, “Aw, phooey!” You’ve probably noticed, because you are an observant parent, that your infant can at times be stubborn. You’ve also probably noticed that your infant can occasionally be grouchy. In fact, it wouldn’t be stretching things too far to say that you’ve noticed that your infant has a little bit of a temper. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. After all, just like adults, and unlike most Disney cartoon characters, infants aren’t “perfect” – they’re flawed; but it’s their flaws that give them character, and it’s their flaws that give them strength. When faced with a problem, instead of giving up and throwing in the towel, they get determined and committed; and, instead of getting scared, they get mad – and usually come out on top.

So, when you’re out looking for a onesie for your infant that will embody all these qualities, which one are you going to choose? The Donald Duck Baby Onesie, of course!

Designed in blue, white, yellow and red and with Donald’s iconic and instantly recognisable sailor costume and matching blue with black trim sailor hat, the Donald Duck Outfit isn’t the typical “good guy” or “nicey-nicey” Disney cartoon onesie – it encapsulates everything that makes the less than perfect, but otherwise totally wonderful, Donald Duck so hilarious and so instantly loveable. And, as if that were not enough, it's 3 sturdy crotch snaps mean that, when it comes time for fitting and changing, the Donald Duck Onesie will never have you saying either “What’s the big idea?” or “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy”. Plus, even when your infant seems to get stuck with all the bad luck, they’ll ensure that the Donald Duck Onesie remains securely and snugly in position.

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