Doctor Who Onesie featuring the Tardis

Doctor Who Onesie

by BBC

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Having traveled through the vortex of time and space and at least a couple of extra dimensions, the Tardis materializes on the distant planet of Nur-Ser-Y. At once, the young Doctor is faced with a major challenge - what to wear? Fortunately, the sartorially sensitive Time Lord need look no further than this Doctor Who Onesie!

Bow ties, long scarves, floppy hats, or long coats and trainers are all well and good. However, when the play mat has been invaded by a psychopathic army of Daleks shouting "Exterminate!", or a battle-fleet of ruthless Cybermen have abducted the bath-time yellow rubber duck and are intent on subjecting it to a Cyber-Conversion, a Doctor Who Onesie is, without question, the space-time continuum wardrobe du jour.

With its iconic 1960's British Police Box blue color, the Doctor Who Onesie is instantly recognisable - a major advantage in the event that your infant suddenly regenerates into an entirely different looking infant. Additionally, the Tardis logo design has been thoughtfully located on the front and center of the Onesie; in other words, neatly in between both of your infant Time Lord's two hearts. What's more, when it comes to fitting and changing with the Tardis featuring Onesie, there's no need to go frantically searching for the sonic screwdriver. Why? Because not only is the Onesie (possibly) bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, but, thanks to the three crotch snaps, the whole process can be accomplished in just the blink of an eye.

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