Big Bang Theory Bazinga Onesie

Bazinga Onesie

by Badass Babies

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As scientists have frequently observed, a nursery, no matter how spacious, can sometimes be a constricting environment for an infant. This is especially the case when the infant in question is a theoretical physicist with not only a profound understanding of differential calculus and algebraic topology, but also possesses a genius IQ so large it cannot be accurately measured by normal tests. The potential tension can result in a build-up of emotional pressure so intense that all finite matter in the nursery universe (such as plush toys, building blocks, story books etc.) becomes scrunched into an infinite density otherwise known as an Overly-Serious Sheldon Singularity. What's the solution? A Bazinga Onesie!

With this Bazinga Onesie, your infant's massive but geeky intellect is suddenly released into a whole new dimension in which social ineptitude and rigid logicality are replaced by "fooled you!" classic pranks and practical jokes - each punctuated with the classic catchphrase, "Bazinga!", famous from the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory.

Thanks to the intelligent design of its bright red color and immediately eye-catching yellow Bazinga logo, the Bazinga Onesie is instantly identifiable in even the largest plastic ball pit. (Unless, of course, the ball pit contains only red and yellow colored plastic balls. Bazinga!) Also, with its three sturdy crotch snaps, the Bazinga Onesie makes the conundrum of changing and fitting completely elementary. What's more, because the crotch snaps are made from neutrons, they are included entirely free of charge. Bazinga!

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