Battlestar Galactica  Baby Onesie

Battlestar Galactica Onesie

by Sci-Fi Channel

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Infants and adults have totally different concepts of time and, for that matter, space. You, for instance, fondly imagine that you your infant was born in, and is living in, the 21st century. Your infant, however, knows better. That’s because your infant is aware that he or she was born (inconveniently enough) in the 12 Nurseries of Man, and is actually living in the 7th millennium of time. The reason this is inconvenient is because virtually the entire population of the 12 Nurseries was wiped out in a treacherous attack by a race of warrior robots against whom they’d been fighting a thousand year war. Fortunately enough, though, your infant managed to bundle the survivors into anything that could fly before high-tailing it out of there, with the Cylons in hot pursuit, in order to escort this rag tag fugitive fleet with the last remaining Battlestar class Nursery Starship. And what is your infant searching for? The lost 13th Nursery, of course! Apparently some semi-legendary planet called Earth.

And that is why you need to make sure your infant is dressed for the journey with the Battlestar Galactica Baby Onsie!

Designed in dark blue, and with a Viper logo on the chest above the word Nugget, the Battlestar Galactica Onesie perfectly equips your infant to become a trainee fighter spacecraft pilot in the ongoing battles against the Cylons. What’s more, because of its 3 sturdy crotch snaps, changing and fitting the Battlestar Galactica Onesie is, by your command, as easy as spending around $1 million dollars an episode on a TV sci-fi series. Plus, regardless of how much weird religious stuff your infant is compelled to absorb, and whether the Cylons were created by a race of reptiles (as in the 1978 Classic series) or instead by humans (as in the 2003 Remake series), they’ll ensure that Battlestar Galactica Onesie always stays comfortably and cozily in place.

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