Batgirl Baby Onesie

Batgirl Onesie

by A&J Design

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Of course, as far as your foolish friends and numbskull know-nothing neighbors are concerned, your infant daughter is just another ordinary, conservatively dressed, and stereotypical female librarian who fills her days and busies her slightly prim and no-nonsense self with nothing more than clerical tasks around the Nursery library. You, however, know better. That’s because you are fully aware that, in addition to her doctorate in library science, her genius IQ, and her brown belt in Judo, your infant daughter is a highly skilled acrobat with a photographic memory and a gift for inventing gadgets that rivals the Caped Crusader himself. And you’re equally aware that she uses all these incredible powers and feminine abilities to keep her Gotham City Nursery free from felonious fiends, safe from sinister super villains, and permanently protected from perfidious perpetrators!

So, before she jumps onto her beyond ultra cool Batcycle, and starts zooming around the Nursery, you need to decide what kind of onesie she should wear. And, for a rope swinging, Batarang hurling, Batcycle riding, heroine infant daughter such as yours, there can be only one choice. That’s right! You need to light up the emergency Bat Signal for … the Batgirl Baby Onesie! Designed in bad-ass Bat black, and faced with femininely pink trim, a pink and gold utility belt, and a pink and gold iconic Bat symbol, the Batgirl Onesie is the consummate costume for your infant to express her true crime fighting super alter ego. What’s more, and thanks to the Batgirl Onesie’s 3 sturdy Bat gadget crotch snaps, changing and fitting the Batgirl Onesie is as easy and as snappy as felling a felon with a high kick KO. And, fittingly, no matter how many Jokers, Riddlers, or Penguins your infant daughter is obliged to WHACK! BAM! or POW!, they’ll ensure that the Batgirl Onesie always stays super snuggly, hyper heroically, and cutely comfortably in place.

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