Aquaman Baby Onesie

Aquaman Onesie

by A&J Design

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It’s pretty easy to spot, if you put a bunch of infants together in a room, which one of them is a superhero onesie wearer – even when they’re not actually wearing their superhero onesies. That little lad over there for instance, the one dawdling by the phone booth pretending to be a mild mannered reporter: dead giveaway. Or that little girl, the one busy telling everyone she’s an Army major and former NASA astronaut and UN translator … yeah, the one holding the Lasso of Truth and wearing the Bracelets of Victory: she’s fooling nobody. Your infant, however, is different. That’s because your infant isn’t just a superhero onesie wearer; he’s so uber-cool and self-confident that he can’t even be bothered with the need to assume a secret, alter-ego identity. Why? Well, for one thing he’s actual royalty: the King of the 7 Nursery Seas, no less! And, for another, he’s fully capable of swapping punches with Superman or with Wonder Woman.

That’s why your infant couldn’t care less that some of his geeky detractors reckon that the ability to talk to fish isn’t much of a super power, or make cheap sushi jokes behind his back. And it’s why, if you want to strike out for a superhero onesie perfectly suited to your Marine Marvel infant’s watery Nursery world, you need to let him make a splash with … the Aquaman Baby Onesie! Designed in fish scale patterned orange, green, and gold, the Aquaman Onesie is the oceanic apparel of choice for any infant who’s looking to swim at over 3,000 metres a second, or to summon an aquatic host giant squid and great white sharks to do his bidding. Plus, its 3 sturdy (and waterproof) crotch snaps not only make fitting and changing as quick and effortless as a ignoring a sushi joke. And they’ll ensure the Aquaman Onesie always stays snug and comfortable – even is your infant is battling with Cthulhu himself!

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