USA Baby Onesie

USA Onesie

by Soccer Onesie

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Sometimes it’s tough being a infant. Especially if you happen to be an American soccer playing infant. You are, after all, playing a game that struggles to capture the imagination of your country’s sports fans, and where domestic Major League Soccer didn't even begin until 1996. What’s more, you are apparently doomed forever to see the vast majority of your fellow American athletically talented infants shun your chosen and beloved sport in favor of the richer pickings to be found in the NFL, the NBA, or major league baseball. Worse yet, you’re not even allowed to call your sport by its proper name – football! 

But everybody loves an underdog…especially infants proudly wearing the USA World Cup Onesie. 

Even though its history as a football playing nation is about as short as its odds at the bookmakers are long, the USA World Cup Onesie can still look with pride on the moments when it shook the football world. Moments such as coming a very creditable 3rd in the inaugural 1930 Uruguay World Cup. Or the moment in the 1950 World Cup when the USA pulled off one of the greatest upsets of all time by defeating the mighty England team 1-0. Or, in the 1994 World Cup, when the USA beat Columbia by 2-1 – the same Columbia side that had earlier beaten Argentina 5-0. Or the 2002 World Cup, which saw the USA defeat not only Mexico by 2-0, but also Portugal by 3 goals to 2. Or beating Spain 2-0 in the 2012 Confederations Cup, or beating Italy 1-0 the same year. 

The USA  Onesie keeps these dreams alive. Also, thanks to its three sturdy crotch snaps, changing and fitting the USA Soccer  Onesie is as simple as Americans believing that the word “soccer” isn’t really just a nickname. And, no matter how little attention the American media gives the game, they’ll ensure that the USA Onesie stays stubbornly and comfortably in place.

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