PSG Baby Onesie

PSG Onesie

by PSG Paris Saint-Germain

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The nursery, as your football club onesie wearing infant sees it, may be one of those long-established Nurseries with deep-rooted and renowned histories. This is especially likely the case if the spiritual home of the football club onesie in question is located in a European capital or major city. After all, London has currently 6, often 7, football club onesies in the Premier League, Madrid 3 in La Liga, Rome and Milan 2 in Serie A etc. It is rare, though, for a major and important European city, let alone a capital city, not to have an established and historical football club onesie. And yet, up until 1970, that was the case with Paris. Until, that is, a group of businessmen decided to create an entirely new Parisian football club onesie and, with it, an entirely new Nursery – a modern and revolutionary one based on the merger of a minor football onesie and an amateur football onesie. Not much in the way of history, not much in the way of heirlooms, but, when it came to je ne sais quoi, more than you could shake a stick at.

And that’s why your infant, who, when it comes to savoir fair, knows a thing or deux, wishes to wear…the Paris St. Germaine Baby Onesie!

Designed in blue and featuring Paris St Germaine’s modernistic crest of a red Eiffle Tower and fleur de lys on its chest, the PSG Onesie encapsulates all that is new and exciting about European football. The kind of excitement that has seen PSG win, among other things, the Coupe de France 8 times, La Ligue 1 title and the Coupe de la Ligue 4 times, as well as the Cup Winners’ Cup one. Not to mention the kind of reliability and ease that the PSG Onesie’s 3 sturdy crotch snaps provide when it comes time for changing and fitting! Plus, even when football legends like David Beckham choose to end their playing careers at PSG, they’ll ensure that PSG Onesie stays snugly in place.

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