Portugal Baby Onesie

Portugal Onesie

by Soccer Onesie

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Being the sensitive, aware, and caring parents that you are, it will not have escaped your notice that you have certain advantages over your infant. You are, after all, much bigger, richer, and more powerful than your infant. As a result, if your infant were to take you on in a strenuous and physical game of international football, you’d feel pretty confident of being able to win it. Unless, that is, your infant is wearing…

The Portugal World Cup Onesie!

Despite having a population that is only an eighth the size of Germany’s, less than a sixth that of France, a fifth that of England, and less than one twentieth that of Brazil, Portugal has produced some of the finest players to have ever graced the game – names such as Deco, Nene, Fernando Chalana, Paulo Futre, Rui Costa, and Mario Coluna. And then there was Fernando Peyroteo, the highest goal scorer in the history of football who racked up 331 goals in just 197 matches for Sporting Lisbon. Or the great Eusebio, the “Black Panther. And, today, of course there’s the awesome all time great, Cristiano Ronaldo. 

With players such as these, Portugal has always punched above its weight on the international football stage. 

And so does the Portugal World Cup Onesie! Designed in Portugal’s gradated red with green trim, the Portugal World Cup Onesie is, despite its relatively small size, a major force to be reckoned with. Plus, thanks to its three sturdy crotch snaps, fitting and changing the Portugal World Cup Onesie is as effortless and graceful as Ronaldo in the penalty area – even if your infant is just about to slot home and finish with aplomb! And, no matter how frequently your infant chooses to bamboozle the defence with his or her step over/scissors move, they’ll ensure that the Portugal World Cup Onesie remains snug, comfortable, and a great advert for the game.

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