Manchester City Baby Onesie

Manchester City Onesie

by Brecrest Babywear

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Being a parent, you fondly imagine your infant regards the nursery as a safe, secure, and predictable place. Your infant, however, knows better. Your infant knows that life in the Nursery is far from predictable. In fact, as far as your infant is concerned, it’s about as predictable as a football club that can start a season as the reigning League champion, be the league’s leading goalscorer, and still manage to get itself relegated; or to score and concede more than 100 goals is a season; or to be the only team capable of beating Chelsea and then go on to get itself knocked out of the FA Cup by Oldham Athletic; or to leapfrog itself up 2 divisions back to the Premier League in just 2 seasons; or to score 2 injury time goals in 2 minutes against QPR to snatch the 2012 Premier League title; or, 2 years later, overhaul Liverpool to lift the title once again! No wonder your infant mutters, “Typical Nursery.”

What other choice of Onesie could your infant wear, therefore, but…the Manchester City Baby Onesie!

Available in both Manchester City’s Home strip of sky blue with black facings, and in the Away colors of red with black facings, both versions of the Man City Onesie bear the club crest, and honors the football club that has shown itself capable over the years of making more comebacks, and more impressive comebacks, than Lazarus! However, the Manchester City Onesie also comes with a degree of security and predictability that the club itself may, at times, appear to lack. And that’s all thanks to the 3 sturdy crotch snaps that make changing and fitting the Man City Onesie as brilliantly simple as Denis Law’s backheel goal against Manchester United in 1974! Plus, even when your infant may appear to yo-yo up and down the league – and, indeed, between the leagues – they'll make sure that the Manchester City Onesie stays securely in the right position.

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