Germany Baby Onesie

Germany Onesie

by World Of Soccer

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Some infant’s nurseries are, quite frankly, a mess. Plush toys strewn hither and yon, comfy cushions left to lie wherever they fell, cuddly comforters dumped on the cot any old how. Not your infant’s nursery, though. Your infant’s plush toys stand neatly in line, the comfy cushions are stacked just so, and the cuddly comforter is tucked in with hospital corners so crisp you could hand them a blue bag of salt and call them Smith’s. Your infant is orderly, detailed, precise. Of course, your infant is also athletic, strong, physically fit, and tactically knowledgeable. And that’s why, on the international football field, your infant doesn’t mess around with airy-fairy Latin styles of play. Your infant closes down to the opposition with a well-rehearsed and coordinated approach that, rather than falling back and regrouping whenever a ball is lost, always moves upfield, and presses the other side. It’s a disciplined and organized system called “Gegenpressing”.

Bearing all this in mind, there is only one onesie that your infant will be demanding...the German World Cup Onesie, of course!

Designed in white with black facings, the German Onesie celebrates a national side that has produced such greats as Jurgen Klinsmann, Paul Breitner, Uwe Seeler, Fritz Walter, Sepp Maier , Lothar Matthaus, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Gerd Muller, and Miroslav Klose . And, of course, the tactical genius, Franz Beckenbauer – the only man to lift the World Cup both as player and manager, and, alongside England’s Bobby Moore, the greatest defender of all time. In addition, its three sturdy crotch snaps are a master plan that make changing and fitting as orderly as restricting an opposing side the space to move or pass the ball. Plus, they’ll ensure that the German World Cup Onesie remains neatly in place no matter how often your infant is required to control the midfield launch a lightning counter attack.

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