England Baby Onesie

England Onesie

by England F.A.

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Genetic memory, as every infant with three lions on a shirt knows, is a memory that is present at birth. It’s a memory that, rather than coming from direct experience, has been passed on by earlier generations as part of our DNA. That’s why your infant can sleep so contentedly. You might have had 48 years of World Cup hurt, but that never stopped your infant dreaming. And what is he or she dreaming about? That tackle by Moore – in Mexico, 1970, when he effortlessly stripped the ball from Brazil's Jairzinho; and when Lineker scored – the equalizer against West Germany in 1990; Bobby belting the ball - from 25 yards to score against Mexico in 1966. And, of course, Nobby dancing - Jules Rimet still gleaming in one hand, his false teeth in the other.

And your infant has other dreams, too. David Platt's extra-time winner against Belgium, 1990; Gordon Banks’ impossible save against Pele’s header in Mexico, 1970; David Beckham’s bend it like…well, Beckham…free kick against Columbia, 1998; Geoff Hurst’s iconic “they think it’s all over…It is now” third and goal at Wembley, 1966. And, of course, the dream of England winning in 2014.

With dreams of glory such as these, what other onesie could your infant possibly want to wear…but the England World Cup Onesie?! 

Designed in England white with 'England' proudly emblazoned across the front in red, the England Onesie is an infant England fan’s fantasy. What’s more, it includes a strategic formation that any England manager might think about copying. England’s World Cup heroes in Brazil might have three lions on the shirt, but the England Onesie has three sturdy snaps on the crotch! Thanks to these, fitting and changing is as simple as an old-fashioned offside trap – even when your infant has unexpectedly caused an upset and blown it away. Plus, they’ll ensure that the England Onesie stays snugly and comfortably in place without ever turning pear shaped in the group stage.

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