Chelsea Baby Onesie

Chelsea Onesie

by SSU

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Here’s an interesting experiment: the next time a visiting history professor or scholar of Anglo Saxon falls asleep while visiting your house, whisper in his or her ear the words “Stamford Bridge.” What happens? The professor or scholar will start somnolently muttering such utterly nonsense phrases as “Battle, 1066, Harold Godwinson, Tostig, Harald Hardrada.” Now try the same thing on your sleeping infant. What happens? Your infant smiles in his or her sleep, gurgles happily, and dreamily says: “Frank Lampard, John Terry, Eden Hazard, Ron Harris, Dider Drogbar, Peter Osgood, Ray Wilkins, Juan Matar, Bobby Tambling, Charlie Cooke, Jimmy Greeves, Peter Bonetti, Kerry Dixon, Giafranco Zola.” And that’s not because your infant doesn’t know anything about Anglo Saxon history. On the contrary! It’s because, when it comes to weighing up the relative importance of an 11th century battlefield in the north of England against the glorious west London home of the team that’s won 7 FA Cups, 4 League titles, 4 Community Shields, 2 Cup Winners’ Cups, the UEFA Super Cup, and the UEFA Champions League, your infant simply has his or her priorities right!

And that’s why your infant also dreams about wearing…the Chelsea Baby Onesie!

Designed in Chelsea blue with white collar and facings, and sporting the club crest, the Chelsea Onesie is the perfect way for your infant to make his or her dreams come true about being a part of a club that has been at the top flight of English football for the last 60 years. What’s more, its 3 sturdy crotch snaps make changing and fitting the Chelsea Onesie look as effortless as a Charlie Cook cross to Peter Osgood's head in the FA Cup against a stubborn and recalcitrant as Leeds United in 1970! Plus, regardless of how often your infant continues to prove him or herself to be not just one of the greatest teams in England, but also in Europe and the world, they’ll ensure that the Chelsea Onesie stays comfortably in place and at the top of its game.

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