Arsenal Baby Onesie

Arsenal Onesie

by Soccer Baby

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There are many theories as to why infants often sleep on their backs with their arms stretched out above their heads. Some experts claim it’s a sign that they are contented; others that it’s a reaction to having been curled up in the womb, or that it makes breathing easier, or it’s because the infant is warm and trying to cool down. None of these is the reason your infant does it. That’s because, in your infant’s dreams, it is the 1971 FA Cup Final, and, with the game deep into extra time and the score locked at 1 all, Charlie George has just let loose from 20 yards out to send the ball thundering past Liverpool’s Ray Clemence. And what does Charlie George do in celebration? He falls on his back with his arms outstretched above his head – one of the most memorable images in the illustrious history of a north London football club! And, as your infant knows well, this is the same club that between May 2003 and October 2004 broke world records by going unbeaten for 49 games – 36 wins, 16 draws! It's no wonder your infant sleeps in this position!

And it's equally no wonder why the onesie that your infant chooses to wear is…the Arsenal Baby Onesie!

Available in both the Arsenal home colors of red and white with blue facings, and the alternate away colors of white with red facings, both versions of the Arsenal Onesie display the Gunners’ iconic club crest, and are the ideal way for your infant to celebrate the long journey from Woolwich to Highbury and on to the Emirates Stadium in Hornsey Road. In addition, and thanks to their 3 sturdy crotch snaps, changing and fitting the Arsenal Onesie is as simple as springing the Arsenal offside trap – even if your infant is waving his or her hands in the air! Plus they’ll make sure that the Arsenal Onesie stays comfortably in position and gunning for goal.

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