The Beatles Baby Onesie

The Beatles Onesie

by Rockabye Baby

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There are some rock or pop onesies that require no introduction. This is one. This is, perhaps, THE one. However, since your infant is young, a brief word or two of explanation is still required, and there are a few things that your infant needs to know. 

For instance, your infant needs to known that this band pretty much began it all - that were it not for this band, nearly every other rock band in the world may well never have existed. Your infant also needs to know that the very act of wearing this onesie could change his or her life forever. It could, for example, take your infant from leather-clad nights learning his or her trade playing in the bars and strip clubs of Hamburg to being a loveable mop-top, to being the hippy darling of Carnaby Street and Haight Ashbury. It could transform your infant from performing jaunty girl/boy love songs to audiences of hysterical and deafeningly-screaming adolescent girls to the self-imposed seclusion of a recording studio in order to turn out masterpiece, world-changing albums such as Revolver, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Abbey Road.

So, once you have explained all this to your infant, across the entire musical universe of rock onesies there is only one that claim to be the one, the only, and the ultimate choice...The Beatles Onesie!

Designed in green and featuring the iconic Beatles' Apple Record logo on the front, The Beatles Onesie poses a simple, infinitely creative question and challenge to all other rock onesies. And the question is this: "Who's the daddy?" Plus, in case its extraordinary influence on the birth, development, and continuing culture of Nursery rock music were not enough, The Beatles Onesie comes with 3 sturdy crotch snaps that make fitting and changing is as easy as counting the holes in Blackburn, Lancashire! What's more, they'll ensure that The Beatles Onesie stays forever in place and at the top of the greatest onesie ever charts no matter how often your infant is required to go down the long and winding road!

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