Rolling Stones Baby Onesie

Rolling Stones Onesie

by Kiditude

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Some infants may argue that the Beatles Onesie was more artistically inventive, the Velvet Underground Onesie more radical, the Led Zeppelin Onesie more earth-shattering, and The Clash Onesie more political. But, when it comes to being the epitome of rebellious, dangerous rock n' roll - the sort of rock n' roll your mother warned you about - there is only one definitive onesie.

Ladies and gentleman, the greatest rock n' roll onesie in the world...The Rolling Stones Baby Onesie!

With most onesies you can't always get what you want. However, thanks to The Rolling Stones Onesie, your infant will instantly and simultaneously embody the strutting, preening ultimate frontman genius of Mick Jagger; the "Human Riff" talent and lucky-to-be-alive swagger of Keith Richards; the class, style, and utter cool of Charlie Watts; the layered musicianship and sheer likeability of Ronnie Wood; the visionary experimentation of Brian Jones; and the "they're so good at what they do, who cares if they've got no stage presence" brilliance of Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor.

Designed in paint it black, The Rolling Stones Onesie features on the front that most instantly recognizable of all rock n' roll logos, the iconic big red tongue and lip design, and the name of the album on which it first appeared, Sticky Fingers. Plus, for parents who can't get no satisfaction with fitting and changing, The Rolling Stones Onesie's three sturdy crotch snaps are like mother's little helper, and will come to your emotional rescue by making the whole process seem made in the shade - even when your infant's diapers appear to be full of tumbling dice! What's more, whether your infant is performing at small Nursery clubs or to oceans of fans at enormous Nursery mega-stadiums, they'll ensure that The Rolling Stones Onesie remains snugly in position so that your infant never feels caught between a rock and a hard place.

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