Pink Floyd Baby Onesie

Pink Floyd Onesie

by Amplified

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You know that cute mobile that you hung over your infant's cot, the one you thought was really sweet? Well, as far as your infant is concerned it looks just like a giant, inflatable pink pig floating over Battersea Power Station! And that comforting night light on the nursery chest of drawers? Your infant thinks it's a triangular prism refracting rainbow wavelengths of light! And as for the baby-themed murals painted on the nursery walls, your infant reckons they're either pictures of two men is suits shaking hands, one of whom is on fire, or else the backside of a large cow!

Clearly, your infant is deep, complex, endlessly fascinating and inventive. So, what could be the most appropriately progressive onesie to choose? The Pink Floyd Baby Onesie, of course!

Designed in charcoal grey with red facings, and featuring on its front the iconic Dark Side of the Moon album cover prism logo, the Pink Floyd Onesie is the perfect prog-rock outfit to allow your infant to flood the Nursery with soaring waves of sound, lustrously rich sonic textures, exquisite chord progressions, restrained yet arresting lead guitar riffs, and lyrics that lodge themselves forever in your mind. In fact, the Pink Floyd Onesie isn't just an article of infant clothing; like listening to the Dark Side of the Moon on headphones, it's a rite of infant passage!

Plus, it's a rite of passage that comes with 3 sturdy crotch snaps that mean you never have to meddle with buttons or zips, and which render the whole process of fitting and changing as easy as putting another brick in the wall - even when you're faced with the dark side of your infant's moon! And, while your infant is on the way to selling 250 million records, they'll ensure that the Pink Floyd Onesie stays neatly and snugly in place. The Pink Floyd Onesie is the onesie that makes your infant say, "Wish You Were Here."

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