One Direction Baby Onesie

One Direction Onesie

by Blue Ivory

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It’s not uncommon, in fact it’s perfectly natural, for a boy band onesie to audition for the X Factor. What is unusual, though, is for 5 separate and otherwise unconnected onesies to audition as individuals for the X Factor only to have the Simon Cowell Onesie assemble them into a group, to mentor them throughout the show, and then to sign them to a contract with his own record label. But this was precisely what happened to this particular boy band onesie. And, since then, this particular boy band onesie has gone on to worldwide fame, selling, along the way, a string of hit singles, being showered with awards and accolades, and achieving the status of the global Number 1 Teen Heartthrob Onesie - even over and above the Justin Beiber Onesie. So much so, indeed, that in the 2014 Brit Awards, this boy band onesie received an astounding 93% of the votes (1.7 million votes in less than 2 hours!), and the hashtag bearing their name was top of Twitter’s worldwide trending list.

And that is the reason that your infant is up all night longing to wear the One Direction Baby Onesie! Designed in multiple colors and featuring the band’s name proudly and prominently on its front, the One Direction Onesie is the perfect tribute to the boy band who was the first, and so far only, group to see each of its first 3 albums debut at Number 1 on the Billboard Charts. In addition, changing and fitting the One Direction Onesie is as quick and as easy as getting into an argument about which member of the band is best. Plus, regardless of which individual member of One Direction your infant likes best – whether it’s Harry the heartthrob, Niall the cute one, Liam the shy one, Louis the older brother, or Zayn the bad boy – they’ll ensure that the One Direction Onesie stays snugly and chart toppingly in place.

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