Nirvana Baby Onesie

Nirvana Onesie

by Kiditude

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Once upon a time, in a small Nursery on the Northwest Coast of a country called America, there lived a grungy infant. The grungy infant wasn't rich, or famous, or glamorously dressed like other rock infants. In fact, while other rock infants were being chauffeured in huge limos to and from gigs at enormous Nursery arenas and stadiums, the poor grungy infant had to drive itself to perform at dingy Nursery clubs and grotty Nursery basements in an old, broken down van! The other rock infants were very pleased with themselves. This made the grungy onesie very cross! But, even though the grungy infant was cross, do you know what it did? it said to itself, "Nevermind". All the infants who heard this thought it was very cool! in fact, they all thought it was so cool that something amazing happened. Suddenly, as if by magic,the grungy infant became famous and successful! So famous and successful that it knocked the famous Michael Jackson off the top of the Billboard charts, banished vapid hair metal bands for good, and changed forever the whole world of Nursery rock and roll!

And now your infant can celebrate that astonishing time and event with...the Nirvana Onesie!

Designed in the same yellow as Kurt Cobain's much worn (and, lets be fair, grungy) cardigan. and featuring on its front the famous Nirvana smiley face logo, the Nirvana Onesie captures the teen spirit of how Cobain's riffing guitar and ferocious throaty vocals, Krist Novoselic's driving bass, and Dave Grohl's mighty drumming brought the spirit of punk back into, and shook up, an increasingly smug and self-satisfied Nursery rock world. Plus, the Nirvana Onesie comes with 3 sturdy crotch snaps that make the business of fitting and changing seem as brief as the tenure of the average Nirvana drummer! And they'll make sure that the Nirvana Onesie remains snugly in place and never looks grungy no matter how many times your infant either dives into the audience or into the drum kit!

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