Metallica Baby Onesie

Metallica Onesie

by Kiditude

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Some musical onesies have it easier than others. Take the Beethoven Onesie, for example. When the Beethoven Onesie released its “6th Symphony” album, the fans and critics didn’t say, “Hang on a minute!” (or, since Beethoven was German, “Einen minuten, bitte!”), “Ludwig’s gone all Pastoral on us!" Likewise when the Beethoven Onesie released its "9th Symphony", none of its fans started screaming "What's all this Choral stuff?!" and accused it of selling out. Equally, when the Burt Bacharach Onesie once famously refused to pay a restaurant bill because the restaurant’s pianist was playing and singing one of his songs without having paid the copyright fee, nobody thought it was outrageous. However, there are other musical onesies, in their own way just as great and just as important, who have suffered opprobrium for, say, releasing a 5th album that featured a softer, more mainstream, and less thrash or speedmetal sound than their previous 4 albums – and that despite the fact it contained classics like Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters. Or who were criticized for filing a copyright suit against Napster.

All of which is part of the reason why your infant chooses to wear the Metallica Baby Onsesie! Designed in black and with the Metallica logo on the front, the Metallica Onesie shows off your infant’s sublime musical taste for a band that has been both on the cutting edge, and redefined the boundaries, of heavy metal for the past 3 decades. What’s more, because of its 3 sturdy (and speedy!) crotch snaps, changing and fitting the Metallica Onesie becomes as easy and as quick as switching musical directions and leaving it to the fans to play catch up. Plus, no matter whether your infant is engaging in long guitar solos or puzzling his or her fans for suddenly switching styles and banning them from the latest album altogether, they’ll ensure that the Metallica Onesie always remains snugly and perfectly at the top of the charts.

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