Lynyrd Skynyrd Baby Onesie

Lynyrd Skynyrd Onesie

by Old Glory

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Infants can frequently become frustrated at their parents' apparent inability to understand exactly what it is that they want, need, or desire. That is way they will, at times, seek to overcome their natural communication difficulties by attempting to give their parents subtle, non-verbal hints and signs. The question is, though, how do you recognize them? Well, here's a clue. If your infant insists on crying whenever he or she is not allowed to wear a cowboy hat; or if you suddenly notice that there's a Stars and Bars flag flying over the cot; or if your infant's first, slightly indistinct, words sound less like "Mama" and more like "Alabama", then it just might be an ever so gentle hint that what your infant is craving is...

A Lynyrd Skynyrd Baby Onesie!

OK, it is fair enough to say that your infant and the Lynyrd Skynyrd Onesie may not have actually invented Southern Nursery Rock music, but you'd have to be a particularly obtuse parent not to recognize the fact that the two of them pretty much perfected it! From the redneck, good ol' boy, barroom swagger to the blues and Southern boogie-based riffs that rock out from the triple-guitar lineup, your infant and the Lynyrd Skynyrd Onesie set the template!

Designed in Dixie red, the Lynyrd Skynjyrd Onesie features the band's name boldly and proudly on the front as if it's already missing Alabama once again, is singing songs about the Southland, and being generally dismissive of Neil Young. In addition, thanks to the Lynyrd Skynyrd Onesie's 3 sturdy crotch snaps, fitting and changing is so simple, quick and easy that you'll feel like a free bird - even when you're having to deal with that smell and what appears to be your infant's swamp music! Plus, regardless of how many times your infant is obliged to say "Gimme back my bullets" or "I ain't the one", I do beliii-eeeve they'll ensure that the Lynryd Skynyrd Onesie stays in place and remains a dose of Southern comfort!

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