Led Zeppelin Baby Onesie

Led Zeppelin Onesie

by Old Glory

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Most rock band infants, when they go on the nursery tour circuit, throw themselves and their equipment into the back of an old van and putter from gig to gig. Other, slightly more famous and successful rock infants, rent a tour bus. But not your infant. When your infant hits the road it's in a privately chartered Boeing commercial airliner converted to accommodate revolving arm chairs, a bar, a 30 foot couch, an electric organ, and a full-sized double-bedroom complete with en-suite shower; and with your infant's band's name emblazoned on the fuselage!

That's because your infant is part of the greatest rock band to walk the face of the Earth! The rock band that virtually invented heavy rock music, that defined virile vitality, and that embodied what rock was meant to be with their off-stage Dionysian excesses and their onstage hammer of the gods sound, raw power, and musical virtuosity.

And that's why your infant demands...the Led Zeppelin Onesie!

Designed in black and with an image of the larger than life, biggest band in the world on its front, the Led Zeppelin Baby Onesie delivers the 4-way punch that is Robert Plant's soaring vocals and rock god presence, Jimmy Page's guitar genius, John Paul Jones' faultless driving bass, and John Bonham's thunderous drumming. What's more, the Led Zeppelin Onesie also delivers 3 sturdy crotch snaps, thanks to which you'll never feel dazed and confused when it comes to fitting or changing - even if your infant's levee breaks! Plus, no matter how many times your infant is required to ascend or descend the stairway to heaven, give no quarter, or a whole lotta love, they'll ensure that the Led Zeppelin Onesie remains the same snug, iconic, and comfortably-in-place nursery concert stage wear.

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