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When planning and designing a nursery for your infant you may have, like most parent, erred on the side of the cuddly and gentle - soft lighting, fluffy fabrics and furnishings, and soothing pastel color schemes. Your infant, however, is not like most infants. And you infant may have different ideas!

Whatever your nursery design may be, to your infant the Nursery is a very different place. To your infant the Nursery is an arena rock stadium, a black and silver world of special effects where exploding pyrotechnics, dry ice, shooting rockets, smoke bombs, flaming guitars, and bursting columns of fire all serve to punctuate your infant's commercially anthemic, face-painted, fist-pounding (and, let's be honest, occasionally thigh-slapping) hard rock music.

For your infant, therefore, there can be only one onesie...the Kiss Baby Onesie!

Even if your infant's feet are a little too small to be able to perform comfortably in 7 inch platform soled dragon-toothed boots, and even if your infant's skin is a little too soft for studded leathers, thanks to the Kiss Onesie your infant is still able to channel his or her ultimately outrageous, flamboyant, and world-conquering metal-glam-shock-rock heroes.

Designed in charcoal grey, the Kiss Onesie features on the front an image of Gene Simmons as an infant demon with his arms raised in a twin metal salute beneath the famous orange and yellow Kiss logo. In place of metal studs, the Kiss Onesie has three sturdy crotch snaps that make fitting and changing as easy as fooling a teenage audience that the mixture of ketchup, eggs, food coloring, and yogurt that your infant is spitting on stage is really blood. Plus, they'll ensure that the Kiss Onesie stays snugly and comfortably in place no matter how long your fire-breathing infant is required to perform the axe-shaped bass solo to God of Thunder.

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