Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Onesie

Johnny Cash Onesie

by Old Glory

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Adults and infants see the world quite differently. Take the nursery, for example. When you look into your infant's nursery what do you see? A cot, a soft rug, some fluffy cushions, and array of delightful, cuddly and soft plush toys? Well, that's not what your rebel, outlaw infant sees. To your infant's eyes, the Nursery is the sparse and austere interior of Dining Hall 2 inside a Californian maximum security prison! What's more, as far as your infant is concerned, the sides of the cot are actually the bars of a prison cell, and those cuddly soft plush toys are, in fact, the inmates waiting to roar their approval the minute your infant walks onto the stage and begins to sing the opening lines of Folsom Nursery Prison Blues!

For your legendary infant, therefore, there can be only one choice of onesie...the Johnny Cash Baby Onesie!

Designed in classic prison uniform stripes and bearing the immortal logo, "Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison, 1968" - a place and time described by the Infant in Black himself as "timeless" - the Johnny Cash Onesie is the essential fashion statement to allow your infant to release the raucous energy of the inmates who have been briefly let out of their cells in order to witness what will become one of the most electrifying concerts and live albums of all time. In addition, thanks to the 3 sturdy crotch snaps, fitting and changing the Johnny Cash Onesie is as apparently effortless as the dark driving rhythms behind Cash's songs - even when your infant is singing about having a Ring of Fire! Plus, no matter how much your infant is required to Walk the Line, they'll keep the Johnny Cash Onesie snugly and securely in place - regardless of whether your infant suddenly decides to shoot a onesie in Reno!

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