Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child Onesie

Jimi Hendrix Onesie

by Kiditude

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Your neighbous may think that its cute, even funny, that you bought your infant a Fisher Price toy guitar. They may think it's even cuter and funnier when he or she insists on holding it left-handed and upside down. But that's because your neighbors are idiots! They've never been in the Nursery when your infant is playing the guitar with his or her teeth, or behind his or her back!

And that's why your infant deserves to wear nothing else than...the Jimi Hendrix Baby Onesie!

There are, of course, many and famous legendary guitar hero onesies. But not many of them totally explode the world's idea of what an electric guitar can do, the sheer range of sound it can produce, or what nursery rock music can be like! What's more, there aren't many guitar hero onesies that can make the Eric Clapton Onesie feel "blown away", or the Jeff Beck Onesie feel threatened. But that's exactly what the Jimi Hendrix Onesie can do!

Designed in (what else but?) purple, and featuring an acid-trip image of the great guitar icon himself on the front together with the words, "VooDoo Child", the Jimi Hendrix Onesie captures the essence of the man who helped establish the psychedelic era and who Rolling Stone magazine named the Number 1 Greatest Guitarist in the world. Plus, thanks to its 3 sturdy crotch snaps, fitting and changing the Jimi Hendrix Onesie is as simple as setting a Stratocaster guitar on fire with the aid of a can of lighter fluid - even when your infant is employing ear-bending wah-wah effects, feedback, and other electronic sound-distortions! And they'll ensure that the Jimi Hendrix Onesie remains securely and snugly in place no matter how many times your infant is required to kiss the sky or stand up next to a mountain before chopping it down with the edge of his or her hand!

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