Guns N' Roses Baby Onesie

Guns N' Roses Onesie

by Old Glory

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Straight from the jungle, a new onesie appeared...the Guns n' Roses Baby Onesie!

In those days, all infants used to look at a thing called Magical Television - known as "MTV" for short. Well, one day this MTV showed a grimy black n' white video of the Guns n' Roses. To the infants watching, Guns n' Roses didn't just sound like a real rock band - it looked like a real rock band: unpredictable, dangerous, and, with a couple of exceptions, not particularly photogenic. The infants realized that rock music had suddenly discovered how to be raw, angry, and honest again. The infants were very happy!

Designed in black and featuring the classic Guns n' Roses logo on the front, the Guns n' Roses Onesie allows your infant to share in that unexpected moment when Nursery music was grabbed by the collar and shaken back to its senses. The Guns n' Roses Onesie's three sturdy crotch snaps make fitting and changing as easy as slipping a bandana over you head and sticking a pair on sunglasses on top of it. Plus, they'll keep the Guns n' Roses Onesies securely in place even when your infant is jumping on and off the stage in a fit of primal rage while still singing at full, high-pitched throttle.

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