Elvis Presley Baby Onesie

Elvis Presley Onesie

by Rockabye-Baby

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As a concerned and loving parent, naturally you watch your infant closely. And, as a result, you’re aware of all those little tell-tale signs: the way, for instance, your infant swings his or her hips; the way your infant gyrates his or her pelvis; the way your infant seems to be performing increasingly bizarre karate moves on apparently invisible opponents. And then there’s your infant’s insatiable appetite for grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches. It’s subtle little things like these that can give you a clue as to what type of onesie you ought to choose for your infant. That and the fact that Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash are forever dropping into the Nursery in order to get together with your infant and play and impromptu Million Dollar Nursery Quartet jam session around the Fisher Price piano! 

Of course, your infant may still be a little too young to wear a high collared, massively flared, white rhinestone jumpsuit, but that’s no reason why you and your infant shouldn’t be saying a big Aloha to the Elvis Presley Baby Onesie!

Designed in white and gold, in the style of a classic Elvis attire, the Elvis Presley Onesie allows your infant to express the true awesomeness of being the undisputed King of Rock n’ Roll without, at the same time, running the risk of looking like a diminutive Las Vegas tribute artist. What’s more, because of its sturdy (and non-blue suede) crotch snaps, changing and fitting the Elvis Presley Onesie is a lot easier than dealing with a pair of skin-tight black leathers – especially when your infant is either jumping like a cat fish on a pole, or when you infant has, like the prison band, begun to wail! Plus, even when your infants all shook up, they’ll ensure that the Elvis Presley Onesie remains as gentle on your infant’s body as it is on your infant’s mind.

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