Bon Jovi Baby Onesie

Bon Jovi Onesie

by Kiditude

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Most parents are inclined to take the view that their infants are outrageously, some might even say stunningly, good looking. This is, of course, entirely natural - even when all the visual evidence seems to suggest that the infant in question is actually the illegitimate love child of Winston Churchill and Yoko Ono! But what do you do when your infant is clearly a dead ringer for a 1980's, charismatic and stadium-filling hair metal rock god? (Though possibly with a tad less actual hair.)

Simple. You line up a bathroom shelf load of bouffant hair-do gels and mousses before rushing off to secure for your infant...the Bon Jovi Onesie!

Suddenly, for your infant, the Nursery will be transformed into an rock arena stadium filled with screaming and adoring fans, the home to glam rock power ballads, and very, very big hair! Designed in black and featuring the instantly recognisable Bon Jovi logo of a red heart pierced by a winged dagger, the Bon Jovi Onesie is the perfect stage attire to make your infant ready to front one of the most successful glam/hair metal bands of the 80's, with worldwide sales of over 100 million records including 4 Billboard number 1s. What's more, when it comes to fitting and changing, thanks to the Bon Jovi  Baby Onesie's 3 sturdy crotch snaps, you'll never feel like you're either only half way there or just living on a prayer - even when you infant is slippery when wet! In addition, they will ensure that the Bon Jovi Onesie stays stylishly and comfortably in place regardless of how often your infant is required to fly around the stadium on wires, go around with a loaded six-string on his or her back, or how many steel horses your infant is required to ride!

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