Bob Marley Baby Onesie

Bob Marley Onesie

by Old Glory

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Well, maybe your infant is still a little too young actually to stand up. But that doesn't mean your infant isn't going to stir it up! Especially when the venue is the Nursery Lyceum Ballroom, and your infant is about to give one of the world's greatest and most seminal live performances that will deliver a transcendent and righteous brand of Jamaican roots rock reggae to a packed and ecstatic audience!

For such a legend, so Jah seh, there can be only one onesie...the Bob Marley Baby Onesie!

The Bob Marley Onesie comes in Rasta soul rebel black and features an iconic image of the Jammin' Rastaman picked out in Rastafarian colors of red, yellow, and green beneath the slogan, "One Love." Thanks to the Bob Marley Onesies three rock-sturdy crotch snaps, you won't find yourself waiting in vain when it comes to fitting and changing - even when your infant has suddenly turned into a wailer. Plus, no matter how much your infant's natty dreads get shaken during the concert, they'll ensure that the Bob Marley Onesie remains comfortably in place and able to unite all races and economic classes through its onesie music of universal struggle and spirituality.

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