Arctic Monkeys Baby Onesie

Arctic Monkeys Onesie

by Blue Ivory

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The road to success, for most musical onesies, is seemingly obvious enough: get itself signed to a contract with a big and prestigious record label, and then make sure it get lots of mainstream media promotion, lots and lots of TV appearances, and lots and lots and lots of radio airplay. But, for one musical onesie at least, the journey from the streets and drizzle of Sheffield to the beaches and sunshine of Los Angeles was very different. And that's because it's journey and road to success was thanks to the internet. Specifically, it was thanks to free demos of its songs that it had handed out at gigs being uploaded, shared, and thereby creating a huge viral fan base without the onesie even knowing about it. The result: the onesie’s first album of indie-punk songs about Sheffield teenage nightlife went straight in at Number 1 and became the fastest selling album in UK history. And, to disprove any thoughts that the onesie might be a one-hit wonder, the next 4 studio albums also entered the charts straight in at Number 1!

All of which is why your infant wants to wear the Arctic Monkeys Baby Onesie! 

Designed in blue and featuring the cover art to the band’s 2013 studio album, AM, the Arctic Monkeys Onesie isn't just the biggest thing to come out of Sheffield since steel, it celebrates a band that has gone from wearing hoodies and tracksuit bottoms to tailored suits and slick-backed hair. What’s more, because of its 3 sturdy (and chart-topping) crotch snaps, either changing or fitting the Arctic Monkeys Onesie becomes as apparently straightforward as making the musical transition from breakneck indie punk to stoner rock to guitar pop to West Coast funk. Plus, they’ll ensure that the Arctic Monkey Onesie always remains snugly and comfortably in place - no matter how long the titles of the onesies songs keep getting.

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